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CUDDLE? thank god i downloaded


"pass the joint"

If anyone remembers this then I love you

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  1. When you’re doodling.
  2. Every time I hear your name and smile.
  3. After you’ve shaved and your skin smells brand new.
  4. When you get a song stuck in your head for days.
  5. When you tuck the label back into my t-shirt.
  6. The first time you saw the Empire State Building.
  7. The last time you called home.
  8. Every time I kiss someone else but taste you.
  9. When you remind me to take my gloves.
  10. When you go home and your dog runs towards you.
  11. Every time I smell my shampoo in your hair.
  12. Every time you laugh and it makes me laugh too.
  13. When you’re sick and don’t want to talk to anyone.
  14. When you’re drunk and want to talk to everyone.
  15. Every time you close your eyes as the plane takes off.
  16. When you wear my grey sweater.
  17. When someone else makes you laugh.
  18. Whenever I regret covering up that tattoo.
  19. Every time you make me drink water when I’m drunk.
  20. When you touch me like you’re scared of breaking me again.
  21. At 4 a.m. when you say you have to leave but don’t.
21 times I want to say I love you but I can’t (via ohthativy)
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